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In the fall of 2019, Iowa State University reported that their latest retention rate for learning community [LC] entering students was 7% higher than that for non-LC entering students. Also, the latest average six-year graduation rate was 11% higher.

Applying Iowa State’s latest tuition and fees for instate students, that translates to a gross income increase to the university of over 3.5 million dollars for every 1000 entering students in that LC program.

Of course, there will be expenses involved in staffing and operating such a large program, but Iowa State has previously reported net increased income from their actual LC program averaging over 3 million dollars per year.

Now, your institution is not Iowa State, so what might the figures look like for you? Looking at a pilot program of 200 students at a community college near Chicago, applying the lower Iowa State LC improved retention figure of 7% (well within that experienced by many institutions), using current tuition and fees at that Chicago-area school, allowing a payment of $1,000 to each participating LC faculty, and hiring new adjunct faculty to compensate for a reduced LC class size of 20 [at a cost of $2,664 for each credit hour], (sorry for the run-on sentence) that pilot program would generate almost $45,000 in new income for that institution. [Time to consider a $2,000 stipend for participating LC faculty, perhaps.]

That’s not in Iowa State’s league, but it does refute any assertion that a LC program is in any way costly. LC programs, especially those directed at entering students, if properly executed, more than pay their own way.

Nuf said, I think.

Dr. Charles Pastors, Acting Executive Director CILC

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