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Join the Learning Communities Association!

Dear Learning Communities Faculty, Administrators, and Staff,

I wish to personally welcome and invite you to join the Learning Communities Association (LCA). Joining is easy and free. Simply visit our webpage at http://www.lcassociation.org/membership.html and click the “Register here” link.

This new association will provide opportunities for faculty, staff, and administrators to work towards increasing student success by developing more effective learning communities and continuously striving to improve them. The LCA will provide a platform for greater participation for those who wish to become involved in advancing learning communities. We plan to collaborate with the many organizations that have contributed to the excellent work being done with learning communities including the Washington Center at the Evergreen State College, the National Learning Communities Conference, and each of the state/regional consortia, so we can all benefit and advance learning communities on our individual campuses and for all stakeholders.

We are in the process of developing learning communities webinars for members of the LCA. We also hope to organize regional gatherings for members and to offer virtual meetings, so we can facilitate networking opportunities. Visit our webpage at http://www.lcassociation.org for more information about our plans and to learn about the association. The LCA e-mail address is: LearningCommunitiesAssociation@gmail.com

Our primary goal is to ensure student success through learning communities. We also want to serve as a strong voice that advocates for learning communities throughout higher education while simultaneously promoting research and professional development. The LCA needs your input and involvement so that we can continue advancing the benefits of learning communities.



Juan Carlos Huerta, Ph.D.

President, Learning Communities Association