2019 Best Practices Symposium and Awards for Best New LC and Best Revised LC

We are currently accepting proposals for the the 2019 Symposium, to be held at Oakton Community College in Des Plaines, IL on Friday, April 12, 2019; please download the "Call for Proposal" document under the "Symposium" tab above.

CILC is instituting two new $500 awards at its Spring 2019 Symposium—”Best NEW LC” and “Best REVISED  LC.”

Following the theme of the Symposium—Designing and Delivering High Impact Learning Experiences In Your LC—applicants for both awards should describe how they incorporated one or more “high impact learning experiences” into their learning community course. Applicants for the “Best Revised” award additionally should explain why and how they revised the existing high impact learning experience(s) in their course.

Applicants for both awards should include a syllabus, a brief description of the high impact experience(s), why they were included in the course, how those experiences were assessed, and, in light of that assessment, how well those experiences “worked.” Each award will be in the amount of $500.  Recipients will be required to present their experiences at the CILC 2019 Symposium. One recipient will present in the morning plenary, and one during the lunch session.  In addition to the award amount, CILC will reimburse each award recipient up to $250 in documented air fare costs arising from their symposium attendance.

Award applications are due no later than Friday, Feb. 8, 2019.   Applicants will be notified of award decisions by Thursday, Feb. 28. Award applications should be submitted, along with applicant contact information, by email to mstaats@oakton.edu.

Awards shall be granted by the CILC Executive Committee and shall be granted at the Committee’s discretion and solely on the basis of the quality of submitted applications.

Applicants for both awards will be evaluated on the basis of—

1] The description of the learning experience(s).

2] The pedagogical reason for including the experience(s) in the course.

3]  The assessment of how the students’ experience(s) advanced the states student learning outcomes in the course.  [How well the experience(s) “worked.”]

Applicants for the “Best REVISED LC” award also will be evaluated on the basis of—

4] Why the revision of the experience(s) was needed.

5] How the applicant revised the experience(s).

6] The assessment of how the revised students’ experience(s) improved the advancement of the stated student learning outcomes in the course.  [How well the revised experience(s) “worked.”

Questions regarding these new awards or, the application process may be addressed to:  Charles Pastors, CILC Interim Executive Director at cpastors@att.net.

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